Asian Leaders Alliance
Unifying Statement Against Community Violence

We are saddened, angry, and shocked at the continued violence against those in our community. These recent incidents are only a few that have been documented. Our communities are being targeted with hate, violence, and the murder of our members, including our most revered and vulnerable. We have no doubt there are many more incidents that have not been surfaced to the general public. Because of these and future incidents, we must continue to fight together as a community to amplify our voices and drive tangible outcomes. We must fight together and stand in solidarity with the Black/African American community, Latinx community, Indigenous community, and all communities against the racism that threatens us all.

United Message
Asian Leaders Alliance and our Collective Community

Racism and violence towards any community is wrong and unacceptable. The Asian communities and many others have experienced racism. We need to stop these actions that endanger and put down a community. We all need to do our part and be “Active Allies” to end racism. Be an “Active Ally” to communities fighting against racism. Be an “Active Ally” to the many Asian communities that are part of the larger Asian community.As an alliance made up of over 120 organizations and their leaders, we ask for everyone's collective support as we stand up, for, and by each other.

Call to Actions

Here's our call to action for you:
We are stronger together!
Asian Leaders Alliance

Asian Leaders Alliance is a community of ERG Leaders that represents 120+ Corporate Asian ERG and includes organizations, individuals, and allies. Our vision is to foster collaboration across Asian Pacific Islander Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and civic organizations in effort to spur positive, long-term, and inclusive community impact.

Updated: March 19th, 2021



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