Asian Leaders Alliance

Asian Leaders Alliance (ALA) is a volunteer-led coalition of 950+ Asian, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islander E/BRGs with over 3k leaders, DEI practitioners, and non-profit partners world-wide.

ALA is an open and free community to join. Our members leverage collective experiences, and resources to help us aggregate knowledge and accelerate advancement for our communities.


We exist to unify, advance, and elevate all Asians in the community and workplace through community & corporate activism, impact, advocacy and action


To empower Asians to develop as leaders, to advocate, serve, and drive collective impact through corporations, partner organizations, and community members

Our Reach & Opportunity

* Stats last updated 1/30/2024 *
Outlines of people in a circle with their feet touching and holding the hands of the person on either side. Colored with crayon texture and the colors of dark blue, burnt orange, plum, red, aqua, brick, brown, turquoise, yellow, red, and pine needle green.


We are a community of ANHPI E/BRG Leaders and others to connect, learn, share, support each other in uplifting all Communities.

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider for Unsplash. Photo showing the feet of two people infront of the writing on large cement squares "Passion Led Us Here" with shadows of the overhead trees

Collective Impact

Aligning our E/BRGs and communities to all act together with the purpose of making change across our communities and to impact the world around us.

Photo showing the silhouette of what appears to be stargazers dancing while the setting sun back lights them with sunset colors of deep umber, orange cloud line with the twilight gray at the top.

Growth Platform

We are a platform for individuals and organizations to be able to connect, share, grow and act together.

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Image of a pedestrian underpass found in a large English park in London. Graffiti in black on a white background reads: We Love Our Community (heart symbol). Ol the left is a public rubbish bin with the outward spread of concrete forming an angled entrance behind the bin.

Community Partnerships

Connecting and aligning nonprofits and community initiatives with E/BRGs.

Image titled "The ALA Community - Our ERG Representation and more!" Image is showing the collective logos of businesses being represented within the Asian Leaders Alliance community through the companies' ERG, BRG, Affinity Groups members and allies.
* Community Logo Slide last updated 10/01/2021 *

Join the community!

Whether you are a seasoned DEI practitioner, a former E/BRG Leader, a newly elected E/BRG leader, or just a member or an active ally we want to hear your story. Join our community where you can share, learn from others and have a voice in how ANHPI E/BRGs will evolve in the future globally, nationally, and locally.
We are #StrongerTogether.

Guides & Kits

Cover page for 2023 ALA AANHPI Heritage Month Tool Kit
Under the Guides and Kits section There are multiple grid items with an image/link. Each image is a link to the specific resources.
a black background with "March 16 Toolkit - A resource for Asian ERGs in preparing for the anniversary of the Atlanta spa shootings" title in white top left centered. Lower right corner hands holding a lit clay butter lamp (diya) showing flame glow on the cupped hands. Bottom center lotus outline lined in white. Bottom Left Asian Leaders Alliance written in gold lettering. Image is a link to the resource
Under the Guides and Kits section there are four images laid out in a 4 by 4 grid. Each image is a link to the specific resources.
Photo Credit: Mike Von
Upper right grid image: Title on black and white background written in white type reads: Black and Asian Solidarity - ERG Resource Guide. Primary image done in black and white photography showing people at a rally with a person holding a sign that reads Asians for Black Lives. trees and sky in the background. Lower right of image Asian Leaders Alliance in gold lettering with Chezie written in royal blue with their logo with the top half of C in gold and the lower half in royal blue.
Under the Guides and Kits section there are four images laid out in a 4 by 4 grid. Each image is a link to the specific resources.
Lower left grid image: Background faded pink dot radiating outwards to a pastel aqua-blue. Inset square in red with Asian Leaders Alliance in gold. Bold black lettering title: ERG Quick Start Deck - Combating Racism Edition : March 2021
Under the Guides and Kits section there are four images laid out in a 4 by 4 grid. Each image is a link to the specific resources.
Lower Right grid image: background gold. Left aligned Red square with Asian Leaders Alliance in gold lettering. Center aligned photo titled Let's Make Our MMARC - Anti-Xenophobia Campaign Strategy Photo of group of members of Asian Leaders Alliance at a group meeting. Center bottom Asian Leadership Alliance. Right aligned from top to bottom the acronym MMARC. M - Messages, M - Media, A - Awareness/Allyship, R - Resources, C - Community


The AAPI Nonprofit Database

Cover page for 2023 ALA AANHPI Heritage Month Tool Kit


Image of Asian Leaders Alliance Youtube Page


Image of Asian Leaders Alliance Medium Blog with resource information.


Image of Asian Leaders Alliance Articles on Medium

AAPI Gift Guide

AAPI Gift Guide by Golden Guide

Swaa Workplace Justice

Stand with Asian Americans Workplace Justice Resource

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Job Board

Board Match

ERG Narrative Series