About Us

Asian Leaders Alliance (ALA) is a self-organized group that consist of leaders from Employee Resource Group (ERG) of different organizations that leverages the power of our respective groups. As members of this alliance, we can:

Make a positive impact to the community around us Even our name - Asian Leaders Alliance is a testament to our collaborative efforts as it was named and tweaked by people from our group!

Our Mission

We connect passionate D&I leaders to help empower the community, to promote Asian Leadership, to facilitate ERG collaboration and to create positive impact to the community around us.

Our Story

Although there are many ERG groups throughout the SF Bay Area, the maturity level of ERG varies greatly.

Samantha Lee (ERG Leader, HSBC) recognized that some of the newer ERG can learn from the more established ERG. With the hope to connect ERG together, she first put together an ERG leader’s mixer back in August 2017, and was surprised to receive overwhelmingly positive responses from the community. To further the conversation, she organized a more intimate ERG leaders’ dinner to exchange best practices and to discuss potential collaboration. Through additional conference calls and in-person meetings, it was clear that people in the group are all eager to give back to the community.

Jimmy Hua (ERG Leader, Salesforce) saw that as a group working together, we were able to channel the group’s passion and make a bigger impact collaboratively. He recommended a youth development program to help YMCA SF Chinatown & Vietnamese Youth Development Center (VYDC) to be community partners on this unique program. The goal of the summer career exploration program is to expose low-income youth from immigrant families to resources and tools for them to explore their personal, educational and career development. The group was passionate about the initiative and ERG leaders took up tasks that leverage their strengths to help achieve our goals.

Since then, numerous emails and phone calls were exchanged. We now hold regular monthly meetings at major companies (e.g. PG&E, Grant Thornton, Uber, etc.) and collaborating together for a better community. And with the planning of this youth development program, the Asian Leaders Alliance was born from the passion and actions of leaders of API ERGs taking a risk and making an impact.

Our group has a growing list of ERG members from over 20+ major companies! We invite and welcome everyone to join us!